Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett; Principle Partner

My working life has been spent in Construction, Brewing and Consulting. Beginning as a Construction Management Indentured Pupil progressing through a series of management positions, culminating with the role of Divisional Managing Director.

Success in this field eventually led to an appointment as Executive Assistant to the CEO where I was deployed as the group specialist in business restructure and process reengineering, with particular emphasis on staff selection, motivation and development.

5 years were then spent with Whitbread PLC as their London & South East Property Director, responsible for the repair and refurbishment of some 1700 pubs.

This career journey built a huge reservoir of practical knowledge of the various stages an organisation can go through as it makes the journey from surviving to thriving; and often back again.

These experiences have created a wide and deep understanding of the key drivers of individual and team performance; particularly when taking people through adversity and personal challenge.

It has also allowed me to collect a portfolio of tools, techniques and processes to quickly bring clarity to any issue; and lay the foundation for improvement or resolution.

Coaching and Mentoring Chief Executives and Senior Directors for the last 25+ years has helped me acquire a clear understanding of the critical success factors for organisations as varied as Local Government, Education, Manufacturing, Media, Research and Insurance.

However, in recent years my personal focus has been on the coaching and development of First Line Managers, who I believe are the key to raising productivity in any organisation. Invariably, First Line Managers are always responsible for the greatest number of individuals in any organisation. Therefore, nominal investment in these individuals has huge benefits for all stakeholders.

Senior management set the direction and light the way.

First Line managers create better traction and increased productivity through great people skills; and as a consequence of the quality and competence of their daily leadership, greater profit. In my view they shape the day’s output of the organisation more than anyone else.

Clients have included, Airbus UK, BBC, Siemens, Thales, Esterline, Meggitt, Fluor Daniel Inc, Sedgwick, Fortnum & Mason, and Kent CC.

I have worked on assignments throughout the UK, Europe and the US.

Mike Bennett


Mike Bennett
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My focus is on Improving Business Strategic Direction, Brand and Culture, Process and People Improvement, delivered through Improvement Initiatives, and individual Coaching for Higher Performance.

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