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History shows that some meetings are more challenging than others in delivering their expected outcomes. These events can range from small numbers of very strong minded characters seeking to find a way through conflicting opinions; to a large numbers of managers meeting to determine actions through discussion, feedback, and consensus.

Third party facilitation dramatically improves the value of these very expensive investments of organisational time and cost. We will help support and develop a structure of preparations for these meetings; assist in bringing clarity of desired outcomes, and ensure participation, pace and summation of agreed actions for the record.

There are many critical components to bring under control when seeking a successful outcome of a potential tricky meeting. Such as

We can help manage some of the risk out of these events through our experience of surviving tricky meetings as a participant; and by turning potentially challenging meetings into successful outcomes through our facilitation.

Please have a look at a sample document that lays out the preparation and event running order for a 30 people meeting that was about involving all employees in seeking solutions for the challenges ahead.

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