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A Partnering Initiative

An international construction group decided to broaden its market by offering a new range of management services based on the non-confrontational process of partnering.

Its chosen market was the highway construction, involving central and local government agencies.

Following a contract award, a framework of events, process, supporting documentation and training was designed, facilitated and delivered.

The program began with a workshop attended by the most senior management in both the client and supplier organisations. Here, in an open and honest forum, the benefits and risks for both parties were clearly identified. Both teams then gave first responses as to how they would allay the clearly identified concerns of their partner.

The client and supplier teams then broke up and reformed as several joint client/supplier teams for the remainder of the workshop and produced the following in draft.

A list of mutually agreed objectives for the first year of partnership

One-day workshops were then delivered to all team members of the clients and suppliers using the same integrated team approach.

Following these workshops the final version of objectives, values, behaviours and structure was established and then published.

A Partnership Forum was established of eight members, four from each partner, led by a Chairman from one organisation and supported by Vice Chairman from the other partner. The Chair rotates every six months, with a regular change of supporting members over the year.

This Forum appoints Task Teams who are given specific objectives within the continuous improvement process. Once the objective has been achieved the team is stood down and members became eligible for inclusion within another improvement team.

The Forum is tasked with ensuring that as many people as possible are involved in improvement teams.
Every 12 months the senior management teams from both organisations have a two day retreat together. They revisit progress and set new objectives for the coming year.

As all partnerships are based on trust, respect, innovation and mutuality, progress has been hard won from a landscape of lifetime indifference, or at worst, deep mistrust.

here is now clear evidence of reduced duplication, improved communication, increased innovation and significantly reduced confrontation.

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