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A Manufacturing Initiative

A manufacturing organisation wished to raise the quality of output by focusing on the % of product that was satisfactorily produced at the time of first passing through the QA process. (First Time Pass, FTP)

Current performance was 95% and they set a target of 97%. This extra 2% would immediately transfer to bottom line profit, and fund any investment necessary to enable this initiative.

A project team was created and a fixed duration of 12 months set to achieve the goal

Lead by a senior manager, and supported by volunteers across the whole business, the project was based on a series of events and activities facilitated, in the main, by Team Leaders.

In the first instance the most senior team revisited their vision, values, and purpose, as a team, and their objectives for the coming year. They recognised that one successful core initiative, which touched everyone in the organisation, would generate a whole range of other benefits.

The whole organisation then went through a series of workshops; one-day for production workers and two- day for administration and managerial staff.

The outcome of these workshops was:

In parallel with this activity, team leaders began a programme of improving personal development and leadership skills.

A 12 month programme of key workshops and events was designed and facilitated. Support, coaching, and mentoring were provided throughout the year.

Using material generated by the workshops, team leaders then allocated specific business improvement projects amongst themselves and then sought volunteers to support them in achieving individual objectives. The project team co-ordinated all activities and ensured that all staff were involved in at least two brainstorm sessions within the year.

Many benefits flowed from this initiative, including a clear identification of relevant training needs, reduced absenteeism, higher levels of productivity and willingness of staff to embrace new process.

he average FTP rate for the last month of the year was 97.5% and the business unit’s key performance indicators for the year became bench marks for the Group’s worldwide manufacturing capability.

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