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Our Consultancy service provides solution grounded in our senior management experience of

Facilitated Development of Business Initiatives that do not run off into the sand.

Business Initiatives are often difficult to establish and often do not maintain the initial momentum.

We Have a Route Map

A sustainable business initiative must touch everyone in the organisation and encompass the three core elements.

We Have a Proven Process

1. Determine vision and set annual objectives
2. Appoint executive teams to own the initiative
3. Determine structure necessary and appoint leaders
4. Determine what resources they need
5. Decide the values and behaviours that they will work to
6. Test and review executive thinking and ensure that communications flow up and down the business
7. Put in place an all-business program of events that will involve, and inspire, all staff to strive for the annual objectives

Greater Involvement: Greater Commitment
Greater Commitment: Greater Success

The following are some examples of our work. all sectors of industry and public services

A manufacturing company wished to raise the quality of output by improving FTP. After a year they found that their performance became the benchmark for the group's worldwide manufacturing capability

An international construction group wished to broaden its market by offering a new range of management services through partnering. A programme, which following the award of its first contract increased innovation and significantly reduced confrontation.

A local government agency was mandated to become the most cost-effective producer of customer satisfaction. A business integration programme combining nine operating units into 'one business' dramatically improved customer service.

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