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Personal Development Tools

All of our interventions and programs use tools and processes to bring shape and structure to the personal development process. Our most frequently used are

“The world in which I live”

We have learned that the greatest value from our interventions has occurred after the people we are to work with have undergone a period of reflection and self discovery. One the key tools we use for this is our pre event “The world in which I live” reflection process. It is used for our Coaching & Mentoring programs and major workshops. The document shown here is a generic set from which half a dozen or so questions will be chosen; or will form the basis of a bespoke set as guided by the client.                         

Psychometric profile

Our managing and working with people not like you programs are based on the premise that whilst there is common recognition that we are all different; there can be no progress until the differences are framed and described. We use a very simple psychometric system that is appropriate for everyone from the shop floor to board room. Outputs from this process are used as part of our identification of how we might improve our interactions with people not like us.

360 Performance reviews

Key to our philosophy of self development is that it is vital that people understand how others see them. Their daily behaviour and attitude shapes the support they receive from others.

We have learned that the process is most successful and speedy when simple and conducted openly by individuals asking their colleagues, on an one2one basis, for feedback and help.

However should it be necessary in some cases for the feedback to be given on an unattributed basis, our process caters for that as well.                       

Measurement for Leadership and Management

This tool identifies 16 areas of behaviour, attitude, competence, knowledge and skills most commonly found in successful leaders and managers. Traditionally it is completed separately by the team leader and team member; they then meet and mutually and agree scores and comment for each area. For senior team development it’s used as a 360 degree tool, with each manager scoring their colleagues and Broxburn Drive collating the results and giving feedback. This often identifies areas of essential improvement for the team as a whole; as well as individuals. The document shown here is a sample of the areas covered.

Sample Team Excellence Questionnaire

This tool allows for a structured snapshot review of how the team is working together.
Allows an individual to reflect on what works well and does not work so well in the team.

The sample allows the user to calculate a score, and also has common responses when this exercise has been used previously in organisations embarking on team improvement.

Team Excellence Questionnaire

If you wish to use the exercise this is a blank template for downloading

Team Excellence Summary

If you wish to use the exercise this is a blank template for downloading

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