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Two Day Interdependent Manager Workshop – Running Order

Until the individuals are the best they can be; the team can not be the best it can be.

Workshop Duration: Day 1 Six Hours 30 minutes; Day 2 Five Hours 30 minutes

Session 1       Introductions and expectations

Session 2       Managing yourself

    1. The Final Outcome
    2. What is holding your team back from 100% capacity
    3. What behaviours and attitudes must you improve this year?
    4. What two business relationships must you improve this year?
    5. What skill of leadership will you improve this year?
    6. How will you do it?

Session 3       The Landscape

    1. The rules of Capitalism
    2. Self Esteem is the fuel in the tank
    3. Taking Responsibility

Session 4       We are all in this together

    1. Key relationships, Boss, Direct Reports, Colleagues, Clients.
    2. Interacting with Boss and Internal Colleagues.
    3. Direct Reports & Purpose, Process and People.
    4. What do clients want
    5. What must your team always do to ensure clients’ expectations are met?

Session 5       Managing people not like you

    1. Why and how are people different
    2. The history of personality assessment
    3. Personality personal assessment
    4. The Four Personality Types

Session 6       Who is in your team

    1. What do you want each individual to do more of?
    2. What do you want each individual to do less of?
    3. What do you want each individual to do completely differently?

Session 7       Managing yourself

    1. What are the qualities of successful team leaders?
    2. What are the qualities of successful team members?
    3. What are the actions that add to or take away peoples self-esteem
    4. What will you differently in the next 90 days in managing
      1. Yourself
      2. Your Team
      3. Your Boss
    5. Your personality profile.


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