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Two Day Interdependent Manager Workshop

This is a program for individuals and teams who seek improved performance through greater self-awareness, better relationships and ways of working together. 
It is designed to show how really different people are, and how our own success is dependent upon others.  It shows us how to get better results by varying our behaviour and approach to suit them.

What does it set out to do?

Who would benefit by going on it?

Almost anyone might benefit from this opportunity to reflect on aspects of the journey that is their working life; to prepare for change by reviewing the contents of their suitcase. Newly appointed or existing team leaders in need of some self reflection; gain much from this five stage program.

What will people learn?

What they want to! Rather than proscribe, it asks a series of questions, and offers the attendees the opportunity to explore their beliefs and attitudes towards others. It asks them to test the following:-

What are the lasting benefits for people attending?

We believe that if people try to change situations by doing something differently; if they start to consider the perspective of the other person; the responses will become more positive.
This will lead to an upward spiral of further attempts and yet more positive responses.

How would this fit into a personal development plan?

Often training and development needs are assessed to be “hard” skills. This program offers a new approach.  By understanding self, by being able to interact with people who are different, it lays the foundations that allow new skills to build from solid base. A base of self-knowledge.

How would it fit into a wider business initiative?

Often process initiatives could be more successful if people feel that they have been involved, if they are receptive and see the potential benefits, on their terms.

The messages of the Interdependent Manager can be woven into a wider initiative and prepare everyone for a changing environment.  They create a landscape where change and improvement can thrive.

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