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Broxburn Drive Workshops

Use of some of our portfolio of development tools for measuring and assessing individual, team and organisational current performance levels is the first step in determining our workshop design.

Whether it’s for individual Team Leaders or for the whole leadership cadre of the organisation, our workshops will improve leadership performance and ultimately will lead to higher performing teams.

All of our programmes go beyond traditional workshops and will generally include:

The following have been our most frequently delivered workshops titles over recent years. Vilfredo Pareto was not wrong 20% of our titles generate 80% of the activity; and we suspect it always has been so. The content has been continuously refreshed over the years as a consequence of our fast changing world.  For example in December 1995, 2 years after we started, there were 16 million users of the internet; in December 2008 it 1596 million. We are now a web centric business.

Two Day Workshops

The Interdependent Manager
This is a program for teams and team leaders who seek improved performance through greater self-awareness, better relationships, improved competences, and additional skills for leading and working with people not like them. Have a look at the Generic running order

The Effective Team Leader
To build a cadre of like-minded people to lead the organisation forward with common objectives, values and skill sets. Have a look at the Generic running order

Being a Better Team Workshop
For teams to revisit their common purpose, define their objectives and develop action plans. To understand more fully how they interact, and develop a greater understanding of each other.
Have a look at the Generic running order

One Day Workshops

Managing People Not Like You
Reenergising, or acquiring for the first time skills, for leading and working with people not like you. Have a look at the Generic running order

Half Day workshops

Working with People not like you
To recognise how different the needs and wants of your colleagues are; and to understand the skills necessary to interact with people not like you. Have a look at the Generic running order

Improved Personal Effectiveness
To remind attendees of the personal and organisational benefits of getting a grip; and improve their understanding of techniques that will improve effectiveness & efficiency. Have a look at the Generic running order

Better Meetings
To identify the structure and process of an effective meetingand improve attendees understanding of their responsibilities in planning for, and being involved in meetings
Have a look at the Generic running order

Better Delegation
To remind team leaders that to improve personal efficacy they must acquire the skill of delegation; and understand the core competencies and process needed if delegation is to be effective. Have a look at the Generic running order

To get a better sense as to what is involved why not take a look, and download a sample Broxburn Drive Two Day Interdependent Manager Attendees pack.

Joint workshops
For our most common programmes can often be organised from amongst our client base. This allows individuals from different organisations to interact, share common experiences and work together to resolve surprisingly similar issues.

Bespoke Programmes
We can tailor our programmes to suit the specific needs of your organisation and the target audience.

In-House Programmes
We will train and accredit your in-house facilitators so that our programmes can be incorporated into your management development and training events.

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