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Mentoring; the acquisition of wisdom

Mentors are not employed to resolve specific issues, nor do they coach; they add value by avid listening, empathising, inspiring, motivating, encouraging and are unstinting with their sharing of personal experiences when the need arises.

A Mentor is someone you can test ideas with, safely; because confidentiality is the bed rock of coaching and mentoring, no matter how wild an idea it might be.

They are someone who will help explore the “what’s” and “how’s” of the journey ahead, whether business or personal; someone who will listen to your problems and issues, without judgement.

A source of information in their own right, but also with the expertise of knowing where to look, and knowing what might be the right question to ask; to get the answer you want.

The mentor’s role is to support and develop; to stimulate and challenge; to be an old head standing alongside young shoulders.

Broxburn Drive is well equipped to support all levels of Management in their journey of being the best they can be.

With over 30 years of Senior Management experience we have built a huge reservoir of practical knowledge as to the various stages an organisation can go through as it makes the journey from surviving to thriving; and often back again.

It has a created a wide and deep understanding as to the key drivers of individual and team performance; particularly when taking people through adversity and personal challenge.

These experiences have also allowed us to collect a portfolio of tools, techniques and processes to quickly bring clarity to any issue; and help our clients towards personal improvement and success.

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