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Steering in the right direction

Preparing for the coaching and mentoring journey; because personal improvement is not an event

The construction of a landscape necessary for a successful outcome starts with a review between the line manager and team member of the goals to be reached.

Some assignments are quite simple and focused and need only a modicum of preparation before the support can begin. Agreement by the team leader and team manager as to what personal improvements are needed are often captured in an E mail, with the coach copied in.

However if Coaching and Mentoring can be embedded in within the culture of staff development it pays greater dividends over a longer period.

Most annual and/or performance reviews will seek to identify operational tasks to be achieved, and improvements in personal performance; perhaps behavior, attitude, technical skill sets, leadership and management. The Broxburn Drive Measurement for Leadership and Management can help identify language, structure and consistency in setting personal improvement goals.

The team leader and team member each complete the document separately, and then meet again to agree common narrative and scoring.

Using additional feedback from the 360 degree Personal Performance Review described below, objectives, with dated markers posts and measurement are then mutually agreed; often in consultation with an HR advisor who can bring organisational consistency to this control document

This will also be the key briefing document for the coach and mentor.

It is part of our process that the team member will identify the key individuals whose unconditional support is needed if they are to achieve success in their current role.

These key people for success should be asked to complete the 360 degree at the beginning and end of the intervention; this will be one of the key measurements of coaching and mentoring success.

There should be preferably be between 6 and10 individuals within the organisation identified, and these must be ratified by the line manager. It is not unusual for individuals when confronted with this question to find themselves confused; because they do not have a quick answer as to who they are dependent upon!

 It is often the first sign that they have not understood the interdependence between themselves and others to get work done effectively and efficiently. It may even be necessary for the line manager to steer the team member towards some key individuals who are not the direct reports, who perhaps they do not like; and they only have influence over, not authority.

These “360’s” are bespoke to reflect the personal development objectives set. However we have created a template of the Broxburn Drive Performance Review indicating the most frequent areas identified during our assignments. This 360 degree review is supported with a summary and collation sheet and notes

The line manager, will then offer the team member the services of a coach to support them in the delivery of these objectives, explaining the benefits, and obtain commitment to the process.

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