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What is Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling?

The words coaching, mentoring and counseling are used very freely in management today and because of this, it often means different things to different people. At best these words mean someone is trying to help; at worst, it means greater confusion will prevail.

Our definitions for the styles of support are

  1. Coaching; the unlocking of existing gifts and skills.
  2. Mentoring; the acquisition of wisdom.
  3. Counselling; the support of the individual when they face a personal crisis.

Of course none of the activities lives in watertight box. During most discussions the tenor of the conversation will often alternate between the first two, and occasionally the third.


The emphasis of our coaching is on facilitating the individuals work skills development and acquisition; and consequently improved personal performance. One key area of focus is to improve the individual’s understanding of self and their impact on others; particularly people with different needs and wants from them. 
We believe the first priorities during the intervention are for the individual to identify the improvements they wish to see in themselves, with respect to behaviour, attitude and relationship skills; and to develop their self awareness and personal responsibilities.

We are of the view that until they have clear recognition of their dependence on others to support them in their daily endeavours; they cannot be the best they can be. Part of this recognition is that the level of support provided by others is always a consequence of the behaviour and attitude of the person seeking help. Help from others is a gift that they may not choose to give if affronted by someone’s communication style.

After all until everybody is the best they can be; the organisation cannot be the best it needs to be.

Support is usually for an agreed duration with a closure review, including measurement, of both coach and coachee performance during the intervention. After initial meetings interactions can be a mixture of Face to Face, Skype webcam meeting, E mail, or telephone.


Mentoring grows from an informal review and reflection process that will tease out successful judgments, and the thinking used to achieve such a result; the wisdom.

It is also about helping develop and then test plans; and the sharing of the mentor’s personal experience when delivering similar plans.

It is often about personal development in both the work place and at home.

It is the passing of the baton of life experiences from those that have learned, to those that are learning.


Counselling is often about clarifying options in a time of personal crisis. Our expectation is that everyone who is to be coached and mentored is well in mind and spirit, although we are able to recognise those that would be better served by specialist counselling first.

We look to our fellow stakeholders, the line manager and HR advisor, to test the ability and willingness of the individual to fully engage in this style of personal development.

BulletEvidences the alignment of individual, team and organisational objectives; evidences and records progress of individual, team and department objectives against Strategic Goals and Objectives. Provides reports that bring together a record of whole organisation progress for individual strategic objectives.


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