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The words coaching, mentoring and counseling are used very freely in management today and because of this, it often means different things to different people. At best these words mean someone is trying to help; at worst, it means greater confusion will prevail.

We believe everyone has a suitcase.

In this suitcase are your skills, experience, knowledge, qualifications and your innate gifts and talents; we make our way through life using and selling the contents of our suitcase. From time to time we all need help to sort out our suitcase.

Our definitions for the styles of support are

  1. Coaching; the unlocking of existing gifts and skills.
  2. Mentoring; the acquisition of wisdom.
  3. Counselling; the support of the individual when they face a personal crisis.

Understanding the level of personal commitment essential to benefit from one2one support; and the preparation necessary is a prerequisite to making progress.

We have refined from many years of interaction a process that delivers positive results.

Stage one. Defining the desired outcomes of the coaching intervention.

Stage two. Data to be produced by the candidate in advance of the first meeting.

Stage three. First meeting of coach and candidate.

Stage four. Data to be produced by the candidate in advance of the second meeting.

Stage five. Second meeting of coach and candidate.

Stage six. Review meeting of Coach, Line Manager and HR Advisor

Stage seven Ongoing support.

The duration of the face to face meetings is usually between 90 to 120 minutes, and a frequency of contact perhaps every 4 or 5 weeks. Experience has shown that between 4 and 6 interactions are needed to build a relationship and make inroads into the issues, but it is not essential that all of these are face to face.

Booked and structured phone calls, with an agenda, provide excellent value, particularly if they use a web cam.

This mixture of face to face and web cam meetings has driven costs down to enable a wider range of Team Leaders to experience the benefits of coaching and mentoring from a third party.

Throughout the assignment we also provide unlimited ad hoc E mail and an agreed level telephone support to maintain the momentum of improvement.

Key to the support process is the quality and quantity of preparation carrying out by the candidate before each interaction with the coach and mentor. We use a range of documents to help record the current landscape, performance review; and a psychometric profile to help improve knowledge of self.

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